Landing Pages

A landing page is a “single” web page that is commonly used to capture leads or sell an individual product or service. Landing pages are great for any business that does not need a full-scale website, but requires a single informative page to promote a niche product or service.

A landing page is most often used with a web-based advertising campaign such as pay-per-click, email marketing, banner advertising, or any other accountable form of online advertising.

What can a Landing Page do for you?

Your landing page can quickly promote your product or service in a very cost-effective way. You can tell your potential customers all about your product or service, implement sales-oreinted videos, and even give them an easy way to purchase by incorporating PayPal®. If you need to get online quickly, without breaking the bank, a landing page is a great option for you.

Our Plans

The Leverage Group offers custom landing page designs with a variety of options that make promoting your product or service easy and effective. If you have any questions or require a component for your landing page that is not listed below, please call us at (561) 203-9302 for further assistance.