Text Marketing

Mobile is where things are going. Most people have their mobile device with them 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If you can reach a customer or potential customer via mobile, you will reach them wherever they are – no computer needed. If your site is not optimized for mobile and you have a service or product that people would search for on their phone, you are missing out on potential customers. GEOText and GEOWAP go hand in hand!
Mobile marketing provides something no other form of advertising can – instant traffic. In fact, a good name for mobile marketing is ‘real-time marketing.’ Your customers receive your message or promotion instantly. Unlike other forms of advertising or even email, 90% of text messages get opened, and most get responded to within five minutes. This is as close to ‘real time’ as one can get. GEOText and GEOWAP can help you get to where you need to be in the mobile marketplace.



Specific business uses of mobile text marketing:
– Retail: Coupons – New Products – Sales – Lead Generator
– Restaurants/Bars: Discounts – Happy Hour – Table Ready Notice – Events
– Automotive Sales: New Vehicles – Sales – Lead Generator
– Churches: Alerts – Reminders – Daily Devotional
– Government: Alerts – Reminders
– Events & Venues: New Shows – Tickets on Sale – Event Reminders
– Golf & Recreation: Tee Time Reminders/Openings – Discounts – Closures
– Medical: Appointment Reminders – Payment Reminders – Schedule Openings
– Real Estate: New Listing – Appointment Reminders – Open House Notice
– Schools: Alerts – Reminders
– Spas & Salons: Appointment Reminders – Procedure Specials
– Accounting & Legal: Appointment Reminders – Deadlines – Notices
– Sports Teams: Practice & Game Reminders – Cancellations – Changes