Small Business Web Design

small business website is a basic website that displays the same information to all visitors. Unlike a dynamic website, which gives visitors control over what the web pages display, a small business website is similar to handing out a printed brochure; always the same information in the same format.

A small business website may include text, photos, audio/video, and even flash components. However, a static website does not contain a database, interactive components, or a content management system. Editing a static website is done manually using editing software and requires some level of HTML coding knowledge.

The Benefits of a Small Business Website

There are several benefits to owning a small business website. Here are just a few:

  • Cost-effective
  • Easy to maintain
  • Smart phone and tablet friendly

Our Small Business Website Packages

We have hand-selected the most popular small business website packages to fit your small business needs. Select from a simple 3-page start up website to a 10-page detailed online brochure.

Our web design team has helped hundreds of small business owners get online with a unique, custom website that are geared towards achieving their marketing goals. So why wait any longer? Call us at (561) 203-9302 let’s get started.