Email Marketing

What is Email Marketing?

Email marketing is a powerful tool that allows you to keep your products or services fresh in the minds of your clients and develop an on-going relationship with them.

Email marketing is the process of keeping in touch with your clients via regular emails. In marketing circles this is known as TOMA (Top Of Mind Awareness). TOMA simply means that your name/product must be fresh in the buyer’s mind at the moment they decide to actually purchase. Have you ever noticed how major retailers send you some type of catalouge or special offer every week? They do this to keep their name at the top of your mind. Instead of mailing catalogues or special offers, or in addition to, you will keep your name at the top of your prospect’s mind with an effective email marketing campaign.

The contents of the emails can include a newsletter, special offers, announcements, or an article. The most important thing to remember about email marketing is complaince with government anti-spam laws. Nobody wants unsolicited emails. That is where we come into play…

Our Plans

We offer several email marketing plans customized to fit your small business needs and budget, while keeping you compliant with government anti-spam laws. Once you have selected the plan that is right for your budget, contact us toll-free at (877) 280-2424 to have one of our friendly representatives answer all of your questions and help you complete your order.